Smith started training clients in 1990.He opened his first gym in a quiet Tribeca building in 2004, and his philosophy is part Buddhist and part gymnast. A gymnast’s strength comes from his core, while Buddhist believes one’s soul is in his core. Smith’s workout signature is massive core work. When asked; whats the difference between walking a runway in 8 inch stilettos versus shedding a 250 pound defensive end – “ really not that much” says  Smith


Oscar confesses that the exercise regiment for celebrities and supermodels are not that different from the average consumer. “ Actors generally want to beef up or slim down according to a role or a character they might be portraying and supermodels want to tone up certain body parts or maintain an industry standard size, but outside of that you really train everyone the same.”    

MEN’S Health

Ryan Leslie hired Oscar Smith and says he never misses a work out. “ I have been working out every morning and even changed my sleeping habits just so I am able to get in there and really operate”.  Leslie can’t believe how much a regular work out contributes to his success.


Like no one else, Smith knows what supermodels need. As a trainer to some of the top names in the business, it’s his job to tend to the models bodies – even if it sometimes means showing up at their apartments to drag them to the gym.


Smith’s workouts  can be done in your backyard, or in a hotel room when you are on the road. And as long as you’ve got shoes, shorts and an old Lakers T-shirt, the only thing you need to buy is a jump rope. Smith’s philosophy is simple and 100 percent bullshit free: Train in circuits and don’t be that guy checking your phone or catching up on SportsCenter for five minutes between every exercise. Keep your workout going, keep your heart rate up, and you will burn more calories and finally get in shape.


Oscar’s Top Three Tips : Eat like you train, “ If you are not dieting, you are never going to get lean” says Smith.”Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand, so don’t think that hard workouts alone will make up for pizza binges on the weekend.”